Multitasking on the Samsung galaxy M01


The Samsung Galaxy M01 has a permanent retail price cut down in India. The budget-friendly Samsung handsets were introduced back at the end of June last year. The Samsung Galaxy M01 sports an advanced 5.7 inch HD+ TFT display with a pixel resolution of 1,uttered resolutions of 1920 x 1080 and a ratio of 16:9. It’s powered by a quad core SGH2 processor backed with Adreno 305 engine with Samsung’s Exyno CPU. It also has an aluminium metal frame, an all around camera with laser auto focus and image stabilization, and a unique dual tone flash. samsung galaxy m01

The Samsung Galaxy M01 offers you an option to take several modes along with it like the single, portrait, video, and slow motion, and in addition to the usual features of the handset like multi-point shooting, panoramic shots, image enhancement, blurring effects, image stabilization, and high definition video recording. In the primary camera setup of the Samsung Galaxy M01 one can experiment with the following enhancements – Simpler interface, faster performance, and better image quality. There are other enhancements like the portrait mode which offers you a chance to take multiple photos with different orientations and the landscape mode which offers you a chance to take a series of pictures in different directions. This handset also comes with a unique feature of ” motions”.

The Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with a unique facility called the FMS radio which allows the user to browse through different stations on a variety of frequency bands. The user can also browse through music channels on the Samsung Galaxy S or through direct access by simply pressing on the power key while the handset is on. The FMS radio facility is provided by Samsung via a modem which is supported by most of the mobile operators in the country. The FMS feature also enables you to listen to the latest news, local radio, and other weather updates that are being provided by various agencies around the world. You can also enjoy hands-free operation of the Galaxy S by accessing the FM radio feature.

The Samsung Galaxy M01 also offers a unique opportunity to take pictures of the new hero when he is on the ramp. This can be done by clicking on the camera option present on the home screen. Apart from this, the handset also features a wide, 6.2 megapixel rear camera and a 1.5 megapixel front camera. The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone has a large LCD display which offers users a great viewing experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone is an excellent device that allows you to take photos of anything and share them instantly. It is equipped with a high performance photo editing software which helps you to fix bad snaps and remove red eye or other image imperfections. The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone has a built-in memory card which is compatible with many popular apps including the Google Maps. The built-in memory offers you endless opportunities to extend your storage capacity and download hundreds of movies, videos and music songs.

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone comes with a very interesting and innovative feature – the dual edge features. This gives the Samsung Galaxy S a unique advantage of having a small display and a large, 6.2 mega pixel, LED-touch screen at the same time. The result is that users find it difficult to take photographs and videos that do not fit the high-resolution of the Samsung Galaxy S’s screen. The latest version of the Samsung galaxy S comes with an upgraded version of Android operating system that further strengthens the device’s ability to multitask and perform tasks simultaneously.

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