Toss the Dice and See What Happens 


Marc Dobson composed a great anecdote about Jupiter called “Jupiter’s sorcery.” Marc allowed him to impart it to the Astro Butterfly people group, so we remember it for the present pamphlet.  jupiter planet astrology


Caution: this might be perhaps the most agreeable astrology review you’ve perused recently. Much obliged to you, Marc, for making astrology so open and enamoring! 


Jupiter’s Magic 


“Notice the possibility of a JUPITER travel, and most astrology fans bar with expectation. Of the multitude of planets, Jupiter has a Santa Claus notoriety, administering encouragement and favorable luck in equivalent measure. 


Or then again, isn’t that right? 


Peruse the fine print in the astrology books, and they caution you not to be excessively confident about Jupiter; they alert that you can overextend yourself or succumb to absurd assumptions during a Jupiter travel and fall emptied back to Earth like a pricked expand. 


Indeed, this can in some cases be valid; however, how about we recollect that to accept Jupiter’s abundance, you frequently need to typify and mirror his inclination: his confidence, his courage, his confidence in a greater and better future, his readiness to face a challenge and a danger. 


Jupiter demands that if you need to play the snakes-and-stepping stools round of life, you initially need to toss the dice. 


Permit me kindly to show this with my real Jupiter story. 


I have a twin sister, born three minutes sooner than me. However, we share a similar birth graph fundamentally. 


We both have our natal Jupiter in Sagittarius in our tenth house, firmly figuring out our natal Pluto. 


Our natal Pluto is at the summit of a yod, and at whatever point traveling Jupiter conjuncts our natal Pluto, things occur. 


I remained unaware of this when I was 20 years of age, as I had no information at all then of astrology or Jupiter. All I knew was that I frantically needed to develop further the life that my twin sister and I were living. 


We had experienced childhood in a modest community, and neither of us had finished our schooling because of the crumbling of our home life. (Our flawless mother had capitulated to liquor addiction and would kick the bucket from it a year after the fact.) 


We had moved to the enormous city of Johannesburg to look for our fortunes. However, our pickings were thin. 


We lived in shared rooms in a motel, and I worked in a scholarly book shop, pressing racks, and my twin sister functioned as a server in an upscale restaurant where neither of us could bear to eat. 


Jupiter Transits – Take A Chance 


Unbeknownst to us, traveling Jupiter moved into Virgo and conjunct our natal Pluto, setting off our yod and all the while figuring out our natal Jupiter. 


Two things happened right away. 


I detected a commercial calling for entries to a reporting cadet course at South Africa’s top paper. 


I additionally read an article calling for passages to the Miss South Africa excellence exhibition. 


I took a Jupiterian bet. However, I didn’t understand at the time that I was doing it. 


Realizing that I was under-qualified for the reporting cadet course, I attempted to infuse however much inspiration as could be expected into my forsaken-looking resume. 


Realizing that my shaky twin sister could never enter a wonder event, I covertly finished the structure for her sake, composed ‘model’ for her occupation (practically evident, as who’s to say she probably won’t show later on?), and posted it off along with her image. 


Jupiter’s Magic 


I got an answer from the news organization expressing that they were planning a test on my political and current undertakings discernment. 


To her absolute shock, my twin sister got an answer from the event coordinators, revealing that she had been chosen as a semi-finalist for the Miss South Africa challenge and was planned to be met by the adjudicators. 


“Relax,” I advised her. “I’ll mentor you on what to say.” 


In the interim, I was quickly training myself, learning the names of the multitude of ideological groups and all the bureau clergymen in the public authority. 


My twin sister endures her adjudicators’ meeting and was educated seven days after becoming a Miss South Africa finalist. 


I gained from the news organization that I had finished the test and was shortlisted for the cadet course. 


… But Not Quite 


Everything looks OK, – however not exactly. There was an issue. 


All the Miss South Africa finalists were needed to book into Johannesburg’s top lodging for seven dayendured long trip of media appearances. 


My twin sister howled that she was unable to bear to require seven days off waitressing function as she would then have no money for her lease; additionally, she had none of the garments needed for the media shoots and would need to wear a similar outfit each day. 


“Relax,” I advised her. 


“Tell the expo coordinators you have a significant displaying responsibility and that you can just join different finalists in the inn for the evening of the celebration show – then, at that point get the evening outfit for the function from a companion.”. 


In no time after that, I got a letter from the news organization educating me that I had not been chosen for the cadet course. 


I went through an hour crying, dried my eyes, and composed straight back, revealing to them that I would re-apply one year from now as they were the best news organization around. 


My twin sister had her day endured trips snapshot of tumult. 


She was caught up with waitressing at her restaurant when there was an uproar at the entryway. A gaggle of wonders had shown up, joined by minders, to eat. 


Indeed, the incredible had occurred. 


Of the multitude of restaurants in the city, the Miss South Africa show had chosen to feast at the restaurant where my twin sister waitressed. Furthermore, of the multitude of servers rostered on the job, my twin sister was appointed to the table to serve her kindred challengers. 


Did they perceive her? Without a doubt, because the paper had printed an image of my twin that week saying that a perusers’ survey had tipped her as one of the three young ladies probably going to win the title. 


She didn’t get delegated Miss South Africa – this is a true story, not a fantasy – but rather I was so pleased with her fortitude when she cruised onto that stage during the occasion show, her acquired evening outfit excessively short for her tall casing and bouncing over her lower legs. 


Jupiter – Believe In A Better Tomorrow 


When she was being met in front of an audience, the compere asked my twin what she might want to find in her future. “A task at an advertising organization,” she said. 


A man sitting in the crowd possessed a P.R. office and reached out to my twin after that, extending an employment opportunity to her. 


She was before long tucked away in an intelligent, polished office, starting her new vocation. After forty years and she is currently a finance subject matter expert, answerable for the landmass of Africa for a worldwide partnership. 


Concerning me, I got a second letter from the news organization, revealing to me that one of the fruitful candidates had exited, and they were offering me his place. 


I joined South Africa’s top paper as a cadet writer and adored my entire life in news-casting before I exchanged professions and turned into a promoting publicist. 


Today I develop grapes and make wine in Australia along with my partner. 


Furthermore, the lesson of my story? Toss your dice. Appear with some arrogance. Also, put stock in a superior tomorrow. Jupiter will cherish you for it, and he’ll sprinkle a bit of his wizardry dust in your direction.



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