Blog Commenting For Backlinks – Automate Your Search Efforts

Commenting on blogs posts to get backlinks is hardly a new idea, and is a part of most people’s backlink strategy. Let’s face it though. Commenting on blogs gets time consuming, and most people would rather be spending the time on Facebook! Lol

And then the problem is compounded the more you keywords you try to rank for. Let’s face it, there is software out there to automate just about anything you want to do online, but you could go broke trying to by it all. So let’s see if we can simplify the whole thing and make it more manageable without enriching any of these guys having automation apps built in India.

You should be using Ryan Deiss’ Authority Codes to do your Google searches to make sure you are getting the most valuable online properties to post your comments and backlinks on. These save a lot of time in and of themselves when you set out to find relevant blog posts. And if you install the Firefox plugin SEO Quake, you can instantly tell the PR of the webpage you will be commenting on. Even so, this while process becomes a huge time suck if you don’t apply one or two more tactics to streamline your efforts. 구글광고대행

First off, decide in advance how high of a PageRank you set your floor at. I know a lot of people won’t go below a PR of 5 because they’ve seen the charts showing a relative value of one PR5 backlink to 555 backlinks on pages with PR of 0. I’ll go down to a PR of 3 in my blog commenting efforts if it is a relevant site. Why not?! It takes nothing away from the PR5 and above backlinks I post so it may push me ahead of a site with an equal number of PR5 backlinks that ignored them.

Remember the following tips:


  • Place your keyword in the Name field and you will get credit for it as your anchor text.
  • Make a relevant comment with absolutely no backlink in it at all.
  • Don’t go through and pepper the whole site with similar comments.
  • Don’t be afraid to use an interior page as your URL in the Website field of the comment form.


Now let’s make the search part of this much easier with some free Google automation. Set up Google Alerts for each of your keywords using the Authority Codes. I would set the interval of search at daily to begin with, and then adjust as you see the quality of what is returned. You can also then cull the number of the Authority Code strings you have set up as alerts to just the most productive ones or set the less productive strings to a longer interval between searches so you aren’t wasting time on a handful of results.

You have to make the most of your time posting backlinks or you will end up spending days doing what should only take a few hours. Implementing these kinds of simple automation will eliminate these kinds of time wasters and get you back on Facebook as soon as possible! Lol


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